Ding Ding! (martinisnolives) wrote in fagfriends,
Ding Ding!

American Family Association threatens to bocott Ford for putting ads in gay magazines
Get the fuck over it! "Oh em gee! I don't want to drive a Ford if there's a gay person who's driving a Ford. They're all contaminated now." Do the ignorant people think driving a Ford makes you gay, now? Quick! Someone call the gay police! They're driving cars now!

Gay, lesbian people watch Queer Eye, Golden Girls and South Park
I personally watch 2 out of 3 of those, but I think it's a stupid thing to make statistics of. Show me a thing for what shows straight people watch and I'll tell you that gay people aren't be singled out. Next thing you know they'll be saying that watching Queer Eye, Golden Girls and South Park makes you gay and Jerry Falliwel will get up on his high horse, ride down to the TV Networks and demand they get taken off the air.

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